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Kyocera showcases CCX and a multitude of highlights at EMO 2019

From September 16th-21st, the ceramics specialist will introduce innovative cutting tool solutions and demonstrate them live in Hannover, Germany.

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Kyoto/London – Following a successful appearance in 2017, Kyocera will exhibit their products again this year at EMO 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for metalworking. They will bring along a variety of new cutting tools for industrial machining and manufacturing. The top innovations include the new CVD-coated CERMET grade CCX, a PVD-coated grade (PR1725), the highly precise SIGC for small diameters, and a new milling cutter. And there is still another highlight: guests can experience the quality of Kyocera SGS products live at the stand – thanks to a GROB 5-axis universal machining center, which processes a range of components and interesting materials in front of the EMO audience.

New CVD-coated CERMET grade CCX
Feeds of up to 800 m/min: CVD-coated CERMET grade CCX

As this year’s EMO highlight, Kyocera presents the new CCX, a CVD-coated cermet for finishing. This allows cutting speeds of up to 800 m/min. Thanks to the new technology, process times are reduced, and the demands of the market are satisfied. Even the common problems of high-speed machining such as thermal diffusion and abrasion due to oxidation can be narrowed down by using the new CCX grade: a combination of ultra-fine-grained cermet and a very thick CVD coating ensures excellent resilience during machining. Subsequently, the advantages of this innovative product are an increased productivity as well as outstanding abrasion resistance for various steel types and cast iron.

Prolonged tool life: PVD-coated carbide grade PR1725

Another new product, the PVD-coated carbide grade PR1725, is a combination of the newly developed MEGACOAT NANO PLUS (PVD) and tough micro-grain carbide. This product combines the advantages of both materials: the hardness and robustness of the Nano lamination layers of the coating ensure longer tool life. Due to the high adhesion resistance of the PR1725, the surface quality is excellent. The innovative characteristics, such as a high oxidation resistance, allow the processing of various materials at high speeds. Even regarding applications for small tools, the productivity is thus significantly increased.

Precision in the millimeter range: SIGC internal grooving tool

The new SIGC product was developed for tasks that demand a high precision: The tool offers a new clamping system and insert type utilizing the new PR1725 grade. The clamping system ensures a firm insert hold with high edge position accuracy to provide high-precision machining in the millimeter range. The product assortment includes diameters of 8 mm to 12 mm and cutting widths of 1.0 mm to 3.0 mm. In addition, the SIGC offers excellent chip evacuation with double coolant holes and an optimized flute shape which contribute to a stable tool performance.

High strength at low cutting forces: 90° tangential milling cutter MEV

At the EMO, Kyocera also presents the new tangential milling cutter series MEV, alongside the wide range of milling cutters. The MEV is a 90° milling cutter and in comparison, to conventional products, it offers an unusual strength at high web thicknesses. In addition, the axial rake angle of maximum 17° ensures a low cutting force. Using the new technology, various machining processes are possible, such as ramping with positive indexable inserts. Finally, the excellent surface quality of the workpiece and the accurate squareness, combined with a long tool life, add to the outstanding cutting performance of the MEV.

Innovations from Kyocera SGS: Live demonstration on GROB 5-axis machining center

At the EMO stand, visitors can experience the quality of the Kyocera SGS products for themselves: the GROB 5-axis universal machining center processes components live on site, from various clients and made of a diverse range of materials. The cutting tool technologies even withstand the complex conditions in the machining of demanding materials such as nickel alloys, titanium, and composite materials. For this purpose, the Kyocera SGS products need to be optimally combined: substrate, geometry, edge preparation, and coating complement each other to form highly innovative technologies which provide solutions for the world’s leading companies within the motorsport, medical, and aerospace sectors.

The Kyocera stand is located in hall 05, booth E70.

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