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  4. New Kyocera 5655 Series Board-to-Board Connectors Feature One for the World’s Lowest Stacking Heights, Ideal for Automotive Electronics


New Kyocera 5655 Series Board-to-Board Connectors Feature One for the World’s Lowest Stacking Heights, Ideal for Automotive Electronics

Stacking height of just 4mm supports applications in limited spaces

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Kyoto/London - Kyocera announced its new 5655 Series electronic Board-to-Board connectors optimized for high-speed data transmission, featuring a 0.5mm-pitch and a stacking height of just at 4mm — among the world’s thinnest for this class of connector[1]. Samples are now available globally upon request, and Kyocera will exhibit the new connectors at electronica India 2019, an international trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications to be held from September 25 through 27 in Delhi, India (Hall 11, Booth #EG01).

Product name 5655 Series Board-to-Board connector
Applications Automotive electronics (millimeter-wave radar, LiDAR, e-mirrors, navigation systems, cameras, etc.), connecting internal boards of electronic equipment
Kyocera_Board-to-Board connectors_5655.jpg 5655 Series Board-to-Board connectors feature a 4mm stacking height and 0.5mm-pitch

Development Background

In recent years, the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and deployment of connected vehicles has greatly expanded the scope of automotive electronics. In several major markets, including the U.S., Europe, and Japan, tests of self-driving vehicles are currently taking place on public roads. The commercialization of these autonomous driving systems will require highly miniaturized automotive electronics to be mounted on limited available space within the vehicle.

Kyocera’s new 5655 Series connectors feature a stacking height of just 4mm, and a proprietary floating structure optimized for high-speed data transmission. The connectors are also available in larger dimensions to serve a wide range of design requirements.

The connectors’ dual-point contact structure ensures excellent contact reliability. Furthermore, the connectors’ mold structure reduces breakage when connecting or disconnecting to ensure superior durability. The new 5655 series is designed for use in advanced equipment including millimeter-wave radar and LiDAR to detect vehicles and pedestrians; e-mirrors; navigation systems; and driver monitoring cameras. The connectors can operate in extreme temperatures from -40℃ to +125ºC, and they comply with the MIPI D-PHY standard (2.5Gbps) for high-speed transmission interfaces.

Main features

1. Among the world’s lowest stacking heights – 4mm – helps to downsize automotive electronics
With a stacking height of just 4mm in a 0.5mm-pitch, the floating-structure connector contributes to the miniaturization of automotive electronics. In addition to the 4mm-profile type, other versions up to 7mm are also available to meet wide-ranging customer requirements.

2. Excellent contact reliability and durability
The terminals feature a dual-point contact structure, which pinches the board to ensure excellent contact reliability amid the typical shock levels within a vehicle. In addition, the connectors’ mold structure reduces breakage during connection and disconnection to ensure high durability.

Dual-point contact structure (circled in red)
Mold structure enhances durability (circled in blue)

3. Complies with MIPI D-PHY (2.5Gbps) standard 
The 5655 Series complies with the MIPI D-PHY high-speed data transmission standard (2.5Gbps).

4. High-current version also available
In addition to the 0.7A/pin rated current, Kyocera also offers versions rated up to 3A/pin for high-current power.

High-current version

5. Fully resistant to automotive temperature extremes
The 5655 Series is capable of operating at temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 125℃, ideal for all forms of advanced automotive electronics.

6. Complies with IATF 16949 standards
The new connectors are manufactured at a factory with IATF 16949 certification, specifying conformance to the Quality Management System (QMS) requirements for automotive production.

7. RoHS compliant


Number of Pins 10 to 100 Operating temperature range
-40 °C to +125 °C
Pitch 0.5 mm Rated current
DC 0.7 A / Contact
DC 3 A/Power pin
Height stacking mate
4 to 7 mm Rated voltage
DC 50 V / Contact
Depth 8.8 mm D.W. voltage AC 500 V, 1 min
Floating range
±0.5 mm (XY directions) Materials Copper alloy/
heat-resistant resin
Interface standard MIPI D-PHY RoHS Compliant

See the video clip for more information.

  • Based on Kyocera’s research of 0.5mm-pitch connectors with floating contact structure (as of August 31st, 2019).

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