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A photovoltaic system is designed for a long lifetime of more than 20 years, which places high demands on the quality of solar modules and components.

In order to guarantee the safety and economical operation of a system, a DEKRA expert can identify defects and damage to photovoltaic systems.

When do you need an expert report of your photovoltaic systems?

An expert report will help to clarify defects and damage to your photovoltaic systems. It can be used to clarify warranty and guarantee claims, recourse claims and damage settlements.

The situation is assessed by our DEKRA certified experts in an objective, neutral manner and independent of any manufacturers.

Your photovoltaic system is put through their paces - from the inverter to the PV module to the mounting structure and the electrical installation. During this process, the quality of the installation of the individual components is checked in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

The report compares the “ACTUAL” state with the “TARGET” state and shows ways to optimize your photovoltaic systems or to prevent and eliminate faults.

The associated documentation of your photovoltaic systems is checked for completeness and correctness (DIN VDE 0126-23).

The following types of expert reports can be prepared by our DEKRA certified experts:

  • Private reports
  • Reports for court cases
  • Insurance reports
  • Performance reports
  • Commissioning reports
  • Site supervision reports
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