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  4. High tech meets the perfect steak: KYOCERA presents steak knives with sharp and long-lasting ceramic blades


High tech meets the perfect steak: KYOCERA presents steak knives with sharp and long-lasting ceramic blades

Incomparably sharp, uniquely light, rust-proof and easy to clean: the new KYOCERA steak knives with blades made from Zirconia ceramic are an outstanding alternative for all steak-lovers compared to conventional knives with metal blades.

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Kyoto/London − For meat-lovers, there’s nothing better than a perfectly grilled, tender and juicy steak. In order to maintain perfection and maximal enjoyment from the preparation right through to dining, steak-fans need the right knife to cut steaks cooked to any level. That’s because the role a good knife plays in enjoying a great steak should not be underestimated: only a truly sharp knife enables clean and effortless cuts, without allowing fibres to emerge at the point of cutting on medium-rare steaks.


That’s why Kyocera is now making its high-level of expertise in fine ceramic tools available to steak-lovers, too: the new steak knives from the Japanese technology group meet the highest standards and provide major advantages at the table.

When meat is cut with the micro-serrated ceramic blade of the new Kyocera steak knife, it is put under less pressure – so it rarely loses juice, which has a positive effect on the texture and flavour. The micro-serrated blade allows cuts to be made without the need for force. At the same time, the ultra-hard ceramic blades maintain their cutting durability for a very long period of time. They cannot rust, and therefore require no additional maintenance and can be easily cleaned. With each knife weighing under 30 grams, the steak knives with ceramic blades are also noticeably easy to handle.

Designed in Japan: the highest level of elegance on a table set for entertaining

The elegant design of the new steak knives from Kyocera was developed in Japan. Their handles and blades are deliberately designed to be slim, so that they look sophisticated on a elegantly-laid table. Thanks to the ergonomically curved handle, they sit comfortably in the hand and provide maximum control when cutting, with almost no effort required.

The Kyocera steak knives are available in three colour variations: white blade with white plastic handle (WH-WH), white blade with black plastic handle (WH-BK) or black blade with black plastic handle (BK-BK). They are offered as sets of two or four and can be purchased via stationary or online outlets from June 2018.

The sets are delivered in an attractive gift box and have the following recommended retail prices (incl. 19% VAT):

KYOCERA steak knife set with ceramic blade (available from June 2018)
SK-2PC WH-BK EU (Set of 2) € 89.00
SK-2PC WH-WH EU (Set of 2) € 89.00
SK-2PC BK-BK EU (Set of 2) € 109.00
SK-4PC WH-BK EU (Set of 4) € 149.00
SK-4PC WH-WH EU (Set of 4) € 149.00
SK-4PC BK-BK EU (Set of 4) € 179.00

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